SalesBuilder专业 is a construction CRM software application that helps builders and contractors streamline and manage their sales, 市场营销, 买家/合同管理, customer service/warranty tracking and sales management in one solution.

SalesBuilder专业 can be purchased as a stand-alone software application or as part of the  专业系列, 一套完整的客户关系管理, 估计, Scheduling and Job Cost Accounting software

SalesBuilder专业 can be accessed internally on your computer or via the Internet on any mobile device or laptop that has Internet connectivity.

SalesBuilder专业 与CSG中心同步,a web portal to share job information with remote employees, 供应商和/或客户 via smart phone or mobile device with internet connectivity. (新)

We can host SalesBuilder专业 on a monthly basis or you can purchase it and host it yourself. 请致电或询问价格!


  • Manages the sales, 市场营销 and customer service from start to finish
  • Mail Merge – Ability to merge in Client and Job information into standard e-mails or documents
  • 前景的集成
    • Stores e-mail history by client and by job (新)
    • Email documents to clients quickly and easily
  • 分享d Calendar – Appointment Scheduling for sales people and staff
  • Remote accessibility over the Internet
  • Handles multiple sales offices/centers/communities per company
  • 菜单驱动易于使用的系统
  • Pop up pick lists to speed up data entry
  • User defined follow-up 市场营销 action plans – calls, e-mails, letters and contract tasks
  • CSG中央集成 – Synchronizes information with CSG中央, a web application that shares job information with remote sales people, 项目经理, 现场员工, 供应商和/或客户
  • Sales to estimating integration – Salesbuilder Professional integrated to Takeoff Professional
  • 估计 to sales integration – Takeoff Professional integrated to Salesbuilder Professional
  • Manages the sales process from initial contact through to completion and beyond
  • Tracks and manages your hottest prospects/clients
  • 跟踪所有客户信息
  • Handles multiple job opportunities per client
  • 跟踪作业信息,包括
    • 作业类型
    • 笔记
    • 图片
    • Completed and uncompleted tasks of to-dos
    • 电子邮件历史
    • 报价信息
  • Track source of leads for both clients and jobs
  • 分享s information with CSG中央 for remote access with smart phone or mobile devices with internet connectivity
  • 加多了!
  • Tracks buyers under contract to completion
  • Tracks complete buyer information including:
    • 合同信息
    • 选项(选择)
    • 改变订单
    • 笔记
    • 图片和附件
    • 存款
    • 加多了!
  • 创建合同待办任务
  • 分享s information with CSG中央 so sales people, 项目经理, clients and/or vendors can access job information remotely with smart phone or mobile device with Internet connectivity
  • Tracks complete customer history from start to finish

  • Generates work orders that can be e-mailed to vendors or employees

  • Tracks completed and uncompleted work orders

  • 完整的工作经历

    • 选择(选择)

    • 工作合同信息
    • 客户说明和附件文件

    • 完成的和未完成的任务
  • 分享s customer request for service information with CSG中央 so there is no re-entry of information
  • 加多了!


  • 工作类型
  • 销售/中心办公室
  • 销售的销售人员
  • 媒体(铅)来源
  • Monitor completed and uncompleted tasks by person responsible


  • Build a 首页 Feature – Select available lots, floor plans and options to automatically create customer sales agreements

  • 处理自定义选项
  • Pre-qualify buyers with specific loan types
  • View 首页s in inventory along with homes under contract
  • Display monthly payments/move in costs
  • Convert prospects to buyers under contract
  • View “Picture Perfect” models/floor plans and options as you’re creating sales agreements

  • Integrated to Takeoff Professional to create budgets and purchase orders
  • 加多了!

SalesBuilder专业 与CSG中心同步, a web portal to share information with your remote clients, employees and/or vendors so there is no re-entry of information. SalesBuilder专业 shares the following information with CSG中央:

  • 客户信息
  • 工作信息 & 合同信息
  • 选项选择
  • 改变订单
  • 工作笔记
  • Job Attachments – Documents and 图片
  • Work Orders – Request for service or warranty work
  • 任务提醒

CSG中央  can be accessed remotely with any smart phone or device with Internet connectivity

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